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17. Vector Festival 2021

Visual Identity 
Vector Festival 2021

Vector Festival is a participatory and community-oriented platform devoted to showcasing digital and new media art practices. The festival’s 2021 theme, Network Dependencies, asked what post-isolation co-existence might look like and explored new ways of being together, finding community, and sharing space through programming in both digital and physical spaces. The design of the festival’s visual identity was commissioned by Interaccess Toronto, and co-designed with Emi Takahashi.

      When approaching the design for this project, we sought out a process of making that would encourage us to connect to each-other and to the outdoors after months of isolation. We began with an afternoon of plant collecting and cyanotype printing under the sun before turning to our usual design tools to create a layer of graphic connections between the analog and the digital.

        The resulting identity system embraces a process of co-creation that connects with analog making. It features a flexible grid structure adapted to function across various digital and analog formats and platforms from a festival website to risoprinted posters.