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i.13. Upriver

Book Design 

               In summer 2020, at the height of the U.S. pandemic, my friend Mark left L.A. and moved back to his family’s cabin in Oregon. Until then, he’d spent the better part of a decade traveling the world shooting surf against spectacular landscapes. Now, back home in the woods where he grew up, Mark started taking photos that were closer, quieter, more improvised.
                Later that summer, massive wildfires raged across the Pacific Northwest. Mark’s home, and everything around it, was swallowed up. He lost everything.This book collects film photos from Mark’s return to the Mackenzie River Valley, before and after the fires. Upriver is our first non-commercial collaboration.

—Photography by Mark McInnis
—Edition of 50 copies 
—Format (closed): 7.75” by 10.25”
—Printed by ArtBook Montreal