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ii.4. Vector Festival 2020

Visual Identity
Vector Festival 2020
          Vector Festival is a participatory and community-oriented platform devoted to showcasing digital and new media art practices. Reformatted to take place virtually (as a result of COVID-19 social distancing measures), this year’s festival explored themes of solitude, distanced interaction, digital art-making and curation as well as emerging forms of community, solidarity and care.
             Tasked with creating an identity system that expressed Jordan Shaw’s concept for a site* that encourages a participatory viewing experience through visitors’ real-time anonymized data visualizations, Emi Takahashi and I developed a visual language that celebrates the energy generated from a collective online presence. This graphic approach is paired with an eclectic typographic treatment that honors the diversity of artistic voices featured in the festival.

*Vector Festival is a project of InterAccess Toronto. The Vector Festival 2020 working website was developed by Jordan Shaw and Marcelo Luft.